Efficacy and benefits of Avocado Fruit for health

Benefits of avocado fruit is no doubt already in addressing a variety of health disorders because there have been many studies that prove that there are an awful lot of content in the fruit of the avocado is good for the body.


Not only good for health, fruit of the avocado is also often used for beauty treatments ranging from face masks, for hair care to make it more gently, until the body’s skin care in order to be healthy and bright. No wonder if now many manufacturers of beauty products that use avocado fruit production as a raw material.

Why avocado fruit is very good for the body? Things in is not separated from the content of nutrients and nutrients contained therein. Avocado fruit contain calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C,fiber, and water. Then what are the benefits of avocado fruit for health? Just check out the full review here:

Avocado fruit can prevent the risk of stroke. Avocados contain folic acid which could potentially prevent the risk of stroke. The trick is pretty easy, you can simply eat one avocado fruit regularly every day.

Avocado fruit can, enangkal free radicals as there are landungan C atupun vitamin E,flavonoids. Free radicals are the main cause of cancer incidence. Therefore, there is no harm in consuming fruits avocados regularly to maintain the health of the body.
To maintain eye health. Avocado fruit vitamin A mengandungan who played an important role in protecting the eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration.
Avocado fruit can maintain heart health. Folic acid is high in avocado fruit will maintain heart health. In one glass of avocado terdapa about 23% of the folic acid is needed by the body.
Avocado fruit can cope with mild heartburn. To overcome disease ulcer, you can consume the fruit seed extract of avocado.
Can prevent prostate cancer. Compounds contained in fruits avocados can search for new cancer cells that arise and then destroy it without damaging other healthcells.
Can help lower cholesterol. Beta-sitosterol content high enough, these compoundshave proven lowers cholesterol levels.
As well as the benefits of Dragon fruit, to be able to get the benefits of avocado to the maximum you can consume it on a regular basis by making it into a fresh juice or drinks to consume are directly. Good luck!

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