If Frequent Migraine Or Sign Wind, Bath Way We Turns Over It Wrong and Dangerous

You often migraine or colds? If thus could just be the habit you shower had been Wrong! Now the ask is how the hell get friendship of memangnya shower right?

shower distinguished are:

1. Starting from the foot splash.
2. Shower / flush calf.
3. Shower / flush thigh.
4. Shower / flush stomach.
5. Shower / flush shoulders.
6. STOP hasty 1-2 minutes.
7. We will atmosphere next than the steam / wind that came out of ubun2 .. Even the creeps.
8. After that take organization to shower as usual.

The lesson is .. As in a glass of hot water and later we engross dg cool water. Our body temperature tends to heat, and the water was cool subsequently what happens if we was straight flush upon the body or even head winds which should come out for that gloss trapped. Or the most fatal is the fracture of blood vessels.

-as well as We often locate people falling in the bathroom tau tau act.
-Can So we often catch a chilly shower krn pattern we misrepresentation.
-Can So we often migraine krn shower pattern is wrong.
-Pola Bath is fine for all ages, especially who have diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and migraines.


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